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Ceridian had transformed as an organization and needed a refreshed online presence to communicate its new direction, drive new sales leads, and engage its key audiences. The current system architecture was complex and fragmented.

Challenges Identified

  • 1 – Multiple Calls to Action were included on pages without users being guided toward a clear conversion path.
  • 2 – Inconsistent and misleading navigation that created a mismatch between content displayed versus content expected
  • 3 – Pages and tabs with shallow content signal low content quality to search engines and potentially low value to users
  • 4 – Redirects from retired pages to the 币圈论坛homepage prevalent which miss an opportunity to direct users to content of interest
  • 5 – A mobile experience that was not optimized for efficient usability
  • 6 – Data and analytics mapping inconsistent and measuring the wrong data sets
  • 7 – Ambiguous Attribution

Actions Taken

  • 1 – In Depth Research Performed
  • 2 – Stakeholder Interviews
  • 3 – Conducted phone interviews with 13 Ceridian employees, including 2 executive leaders
  • 4 – Analytics Assessment
  • 5 – Observed tracking in place and made adjustments to the funnels to collect accurate data for a baseline
  • 6 – Content Usability/User Experience Audits
  • 7 – Examined over 145 pages on the Ceridian corporate, careers, and Canadian sites.Compared the current Ceridian site to competitor sites to gain an understanding of where we could do better
  • 8 – Implemented the new Organic Search Strategy and Site Map
  • 9 – Implemented new data, analytics and goal mapping infrastructure for the new website
  • 10 – Provided the best practice UI/UX strategy from our lead UI/UX designer Joseph Kilrain

Results Achieved

345% Increase in organic traffic
57% Increase in goal completions
100% Attribution measured


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